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What are the products manufactured by SPMC ?

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What is meant by Necessary Medicines?

They are Medicines, formulated specially to protect human life.

How SPMC purchases raw materials to manufacture pharmaceuticals?

SPMC procures raw materials from Worldwide Tenders and Restricted Tenders and awards are made considering following factors.

  • Quality of samples submitted for the offered material
  • Price quoted
  • Past performance

Who can participate for these Worldwide tenders?

Those who can satisfy the stipulated requirements in the Tender Document can participate. You can download the tender document in our Tender page.

Can we buy SPMC products directly from SPMC ?

Only SPMC authorized distributors & Franchisers are allowed to direct purchasing of SPMC products.

Where can we buy SPMC products ?

SPMC Products are available at all licensed private pharmacies , Rajya Osusalas and Cargills Super cities.

Are the written formulas of products, purchase from outside source.

We develop them in house, so as to comply with standards, performing number of small scale trials and these formulas will be released for manufacture only after being registered at the CDDA.

How is the quality of the SPMC medicines could be assured.

Medicines manufactured by SPMC are analysed with modern technology and calibrated analytical instruments as to ensure their quality being comply to British Pharmacopeia and United State Pharmacopeia standards; implemented with current good manufacturing practices, monitored through Quality Audting.

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